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ROTH mobeli Haltegriff QuattroPower Wanne mit Sicherheitsanzeige

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Product information: "ROTH mobeli grab bar QuattroPower bathtub with safety display" The mobile Roth QuattroPower grab rails hold the bathtub with safety display for the suction power without drilling. The handle, which is attached across the bathtub, supports you safely when pulling up out of the bathtub. If you get older or simply lack the strength to get out of the bath on your own due to a handicap, this is the right product. Screws and dowels are not required. Simply attach the suction handles with their extremely strong vacuum suction pads to the smooth tiles on the wall and to the front of the smoothly tiled tub. They can be placed and removed again in a matter of seconds at any time. The substrate must be made of a smooth, pore-tight material, e.g. B. tiles, be created. Suitable for all common tile sizes from 130 x 130 mm. Thanks to the safety display, the actual vacuum status and the associated holding force are constantly measured. Because it can be moved quickly and easily, several people in a household can use the same handle for different situations. Everyone can choose the most comfortable holding position for themselves without having to mount multiple handles and damage tiles by mounting. They can also be taken with you on trips, e.g. B. for other people's bathrooms in hotels, clinics, etc. All handles can be assembled and disassembled without tools. The Roth QuattroPower grab rails can be varied in length and can therefore be used for even more different situations. The 4 suction cups achieve a very high holding force. The QuattroPower tub handles can even be attached to tiled drywall cavity walls. The QuattroPower support system can e.g. be used next to a toilet. The Roth QuattroPower bathtub range is ideal for getting in and out of the bathtub. If this is not needed, it can be loosened on the side of the tub and folded up. Dimensions Suction pad: 120 mm Ø Intermediate dimension wall and handle (inside): 34 mm Holding force - nominal load: 50 kg Now tested by TÜV Süd according to the new ISO17966: 2016 standard for the maximum user weight of 80 kg. material Polyamide, impact-resistant PVC, stainless steel Suction pad: natural rubber